Vice-Chancellor for Education

Svetlana V. Perminova
Vice-Chancellor for Education

Full Professor
Doctor of Culturology (Study of Culture)
Honorary Worker of the Culture of the Russian Federation
The active member of the International Academy of Sciences of the Higher School
Decorated with the Medal "In the Memory of 300 Years of st Petersburg" by decree of the President of the Russian Federation

Tel.: +7(812)409-38-12   8(800)775-28-51

1970 - Graduated Leningrad State Institute named by Nadezhda K. Krupskaya (now - St Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts).
1986 - Defended thesis and received degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.
1993-1994 - One of the authors of the project "the Development of the Cultural Industries To Market Conditions",  the model of social project "Our Town Is Our Home" was developed and implemented in the frame of it.
1991-2013 - Associate professor, full professor of the St Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.
1993-2012 - Dean of the faculty of management and economics in the St Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.
1993-2012 - Member of dissertation council in the St Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.
1993-2012 - Member of the Educational and Methodological Deparment (EMD) on management education.
1999 - Member of the project of the fund Eurasia "Culture In the Conditions of Market" (Birobidzhan).
1999-2000 - Training in Sweden on the programme of Management For Specialists In Education For Adults.
2001 - Member of parliamentary hearings of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship on the theme "State policy in the field of entrepreneurship development in the Russian Federation. Small- and medium-sized business, its role in guarantee of sustained economic growth and creating of new jobs".
2002 - Defended thesis and received degree of Doctor of Culturology.
2002-2005 - Co-editor of the journal "Report And Etiquette".
2005 - Went through the course of Corporative Directors in the Russian Institute of Directors.
2008 - Went through the course of the Human Resource Management in the Finnish company of Fintra.
2012-now - Vice-Chancellor for Education of the ST Petersburg Institute of Arts and Restoration.

Read courses:
- HR-management
- Business communication
- Business etiquette
- Corporate etiquette
- Corporate social responsibility
- Corporate culture
- The theory of cross-cultural communication.

Directions of scientific researches:
- Formation and development of the modern culture of organization management.

Selected works:
Author of more than 50 scientific and educational-methodological works.
Perminova, S.V., Tulchinsky, G.L. (2006) Corporate culture. St Petersburg.
Perminova, S.V. (2003) Organization culture and business etiquette. Management and marketing in social field. Tutorial. St Petersburg.
Perminova, S.V. (2001) Cultura In the system of business activity development. Vol. 1-2. St Petersburg.
Perminova, S.V. (2001) Technology of management education in universities. The theory of organization and fundamentals of management (in social field). Tutorial. St Petersburg.
Perminova, S.V., Korobovich, G.Y., Tulchinsky, G.L. (1988) Service of culture. Leningrad.
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